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Dear struggling cash seeker,

Hey there!

This is Lenin Govea… And I want to tell you that you don’t have to struggle anymore to make a full-time income online.

In fact, if you can follow a few simple steps… I can help you to living the “Internet lifestyle” you’ve always dreamed about.

See, I’ve been around the block since 2012, and I’m doing very good…

Love my life, my family love me more than ever, and I’m in total control of my future.

Why should you care?

Well, I didn’t need any kind of technical background to get started.

And I see no reason why it won’t work for you as it has for me 

So, if you stay with me until the end of this letter I’ll show you exactly how to do it so you can duplicate my success, for FREE.

I want to show you that remodeling your entire life is doable.

I want to help you finally end with the stress, embarrassment, and frustration that you may be feeling right now…

And help you become as happy as I am right now.

I feel so good now that you can’t wipe the grin off my face.

“But Don’t Think I’ve Always Been So Lucky…”

For years I was an “Office Zombie”…

My 9-to-5 job literally sucked all the life out of me.

I was a slave to “the man”… chained to my computer… scared to leave my cubicle for fear of getting the stink-eye from my bosshole.

I had a couple of affiliate websites producing a few bucks here and there, but not even close to buy my way out of that frigging job.

Looking back, I was wasting away the most productive years of my life to build someone else’s dream.

I was buying my CEO a new mansion… but only getting myself stressed-to-death… scraping by paycheck to paycheck…

But, a several months ago something terrible happened… that actually became a huge blessing in disguise… 

“I Was Given The Axe!”

Funny… I was called into the office and there sat my boss, her supervisor, and a representative from our HR department. 

And then, after I sat in front of them, they just dropped the bomb: “Lenin, you’re fired!”

I knew there was no way I could survive without my main income stream…

How was I supposed to support my family? But, they didn’t care… As**oles!

This traumatic experience forced me to get serious…

I had to find something else real quick, because my family depended on me.

So I headed to the biggest marketing forum online and paid my way to access their “Private Forum”…

Praying to find someone sharing real ways to make serious money online.

And almost by sheer dumb luck…

“I Stumbled Upon THE TRUTH…”

See Like you, I was scammed a gazillion times trying to get ahold of the secret “science” to make money online.

It sucks hairy balls when you’re craving for help, and no one cares about out your desperate situation…

I was tired of all the lies, con artists and fake promises…  

Frankly, I began to think that there was no real solution online for my money troubles.

But I tried not to get discouraged…

As earning a living on the Internet was the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY I had left by that time.

I only had enough money to survive one more month… and the clock was ticking.

“So, A Little Voice Told Me To Go On!”

I just kept grinding and grinding… Reading post after post, thread after thread on that Internet marketing forum.

And all that time I’d spent analyzing data as an “Office Zombie” finally came in handy.

Because after a few weeks of doing it I mapped out a way to…

  • Work from home a few hours per day and make a full-time income…
  • Say “Adios” to my boss-hole and not needing another one ever…
  • And always having money in my pocket to spoil my daughter rotten! 

And thanks to that, well, I’m in full control of my life…

I can sleep in as much as I want…

“…I Feel More ALIVE Than Ever!”

I love going to the beach with Ainhoa, my daughter, building sand castles… having a hammock nap with her… eating ice cream!

I have more time for my true passion: Practicing Jiu Jitsu…

See, I’m a MMA junkie and now I can watch every fight I want on TV, as well…

I’m a chill guy, though… Just don’t mess around with me (Just kidding).

Fact was…

I’d “Cracked The Code” to making money online once and for all.

And all this without affiliate marketing and their lousy 50%, 25% or even 10% commissions.

Not anymore…

Thanks to the system I created and tested now you can get all the money, 100% of it, for yourself.

Best part? You don’t need to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid…

You get paid instantly!

“Think I’m Pulling Your Chain?”

I’m not.

I was skeptical at first too!

And if I didn’t see an average of $200.00 come into my bank account every single day, all thanks to this radically different system, I wouldn’t believe it either!

“Any Of My Jobs Never Paid Half This Good…”

(I Hate Screenshots… And Like Talking Is Cheap, Watch Me Login My Paypal Account)

Seeing this kind of money in your accounts is like every day is your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!

Best of all…

The system is all set up for you to “plug into”…

You just need to follow my simple blueprint and start making money starting from today.

Finally Make Real Money Online…Not The Insulting ‘Table Scraps’ Most Struggling Marketers Are Forced To Survive On…”

This has changed my life in all sorts of crazy ways…

Like that sick feeling I got in my gut when I pulled up to my office job in the morning…


Stress about how I was going to afford my daughter’s school fees…


Worry about how I was going to keep the lights on at home…


Now I’ve got bigger, better problems… like where am I going to invest all this money to watch it grow even more!

Good problems to have :-)

As you can see, I’m all set… But what about you?

Does it sound like something you’d like to have in your life…?

See, I know what I’m saying it’s true, but my real trouble is that as skeptical as you may be you should be thinking I’m full of it, and that this may be just another scam…

So I’ll shut up and let my students do the talking…

“This Is What My Most Recent Success Stories Are Saying About Me And My Systems”

“Lenin Transformed My Life…”

David Lelong, USA

“Lenin Cares About Other People’s Financial Future…” 

Martin Staten, USA

“Lenin Govea’s System is the most effective Money-Making System I’ve come across in recent memory.

A LOT of research was put into creating this system and there is no doubt in my mind that if you employ the tactics contained within you will absolutely CRUSH IT online.

Not only is Lenin a bad ass up-and-coming Internet marketer, he also cares about other’s people financial future. Anything that he puts his name on is an absolute no-brainer.


“Good Job, Lenin!” 

Sandy Parker, USA

I’m sure anyone taking advantage of this System, will be really happy with the results.

Good job Lenin!


“Exceeded My Expectations…”

 Russ Kampmann, USA


Lenin’s System provided me with the answer I was looking for, along with a few spinoff ideas to solve this problem.



“Lenin Helped Me To Create A Consistent Income”

 Gail Richardson, USA

In this system Lenin gives you the templates to do everything.

I would recommend Lenin’s System to anyone who is wanting to create a consistent income. 

Thanks Lenin for such a quality product.” 

“Lenin Will Save Your Precious Time!” 

Oleg Martynov, USA 

I found Lenin’s System is a very practical and easy to implement guide because the precise steps and clear instructions on how to pull this off.



“It Works!”

 Penny Chow, Singapore  

“What a great system you’ve put in place. It gives anyone who wants to start making money online a head start.

I used one of the templates and modified it a bit and let me tell you that it really worked almost like magic.


Because many people like you are struggling to make ends meet…

I’ve decided to offer you a lifeline…

And give you my secret formula to get paid 100% of commissions on demand… with little to no effort.

Introducing a comprehensive and unrivalled system that I call…

“The Lazy Man’s Way To

100% Commissions!”

In this step-by-step blueprint you’ll get 2 set of videos, and a pdf with all the hands-on, no-fluff information you need to make 100% commissions every single day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a techie or not…

It doesn’t matter if you have prior experience…

Basically, even my grandmother can do it.

This is just a taste of what you’re going to get:

MODULE 1. The amazing lazy man’s 3 step shortcut to creating a profitable online business ($199 VALUE)

  • The drop-dead simple strategy I use to get unlimited access to the most important marketers of the world.
  • The secret I use to pick up their brains and get all their methods, even before they create a product around them.
  • The award-winning way I use to turn a few emails into a money-making machine.

MODULE 2. A very simple tactic to double your profits overnight ($149 VALUE)

  • A newbie-friendly method to start cashing in on the internet like the greatest gurus.
  • The cash multiplying secret to creating a unique product in a few hours without breaking a sweat (You don’t even need any kind of expertise in any topic whatsoever)
  • You don’t even need any kind of expertise whatsoever.

MODULE 3. The built-in marketing system ($199 Value)

  • How to effortlessly get buying traffic for your 100% commissions product.
  • 3 Easy-to-implement marketing methods
  • A top notch FREE traffic method that just a few successful marketers are using.

  “Don’t Worry About The Investment, I Figured Out A Way To Make You Money Before You Pay Me”

As I told you at the beginning of this letter, I had two choices:

Either to find myself an easy way to make money online, or…

Try to find another soul-destroying job and work the whole day doing something I don’t like, just for the money…

For me, it almost felt like life or death!

Even when I’ve spent several thousands of dollars and long hours burning the midnight oil, I won’t offer a $997-solution here, even when it’s easily worth that amount… or maybe more.

I know that money is tight at the moment, and you desperately need expert guidance…

That’s why I’ve made this system totally affordable for you.

In fact, you don’t pay anything until you get results.

The only thing I’m going to ask you is a $1 donation for local charities.


Donate $1 for local charities and show me you’re serious about making money online.

But you need to act fast, because this amazingly FREE opportunity won’t be available for long (I’ll tell you why in a minute).

But wait, I’m not done yet.

Because I’m also going to…

“Take You By The Hand All The Step Of The Way”

As a Fast Action Bonus of this marketing campaign I’m going to throw a private one-on-one call.

On that call we’ll map out a tailored and actionable plan for you so you know exactly what to do in order for achieve success this year.

I usually charge $499 for one hour on the phone, but if you take action now, this strategy call will be on the house.

“One Call With Lenin Changed Everything…”

Hansel Menon, Living in the UK.

As a second Fast Action bonus, my friend and partner Igor Kheifets and I are going to show our secrets to make more money by doing less…

This information has never been disclosed outside our mastermind.

Inside this bonus you’ll find:

* 3 little things that are keeping you from being successful and finally get on your way to financial freedom.

* A shortcut to $30, $50 and even a $100 a day (I personally used this shortcut, and still use it to make no less than $200 per day).

* 3 simple things anyone can do to start raking it in online without working their tails off.

… And more gold nuggets… Only available here.

(Value $197)

These bonuses combined have a cash value of $698.00

I’m giving them away, as a part of the whole SYSTEM, at no cost for you because I want to equip you fully to change your life in record time.

I also know what it’s like trying to build a business starting with virtually nothing…

But that said, I can only offer this generous offer this week ONLY.

…after that it will be gone forever as I want to reward action takers.

“You Make Money And You Pay Me With Your Profits


Like I said before, I don’t want to get paid unless you get results.

And I’m so confident that you’ll get your first results in less than 7 days, that I’m giving you this system for FREE.

But before you jump in head first, let’s recap what you’re getting today:

Lazy Man’s Way To 100% Commissions ($547 Value) 

  • Module 1. The Amazing Lazy Man’s 3-Step Shortcut ($199 Value)
  • Module 2. A Very Simple Tactic To Double Your Profits Overnight ($149 Value)
  • Module 3. Built-In Marketing System (Value $199 Value)

Fast Action Bonus 1. Private Strategy Session With Lenin ($499 Value)

Fast Action Bonus 2. Uncensored Video Encounter With Igor Kheifets ($197 Value)

Total Value: $1,245.00

 I’ve had marketing friends tell me I should charge like the guru’s do…

$2,000 a pop!

But this is a system designed for regular people like you, and regular people are hurting nowadays. 

Now… you could drop another $500 on products over the next six months and still be stuck right where you are now…

Or… you could pick up your copy of this simple system today and start achieving all your online dreams.

That’s your choice.

Stay close to broke… or get your hands on a ton of the green stuff.

And because I want to make it such a simple “no-brainer” choice that I’m not even going to charge you $249

Not even $199.

Today you’ll get this guaranteed-to-produce-results blueprint for $0.00…

Yup, zero, zilch, nada!

Instead of charging you upfront like those greedy gurus…

I want you to get results first using this system and then pay me back with your profits.

This results-getting blueprint will take you less than 7 days to implement it and see your first results It’s easy and fast!

Lenin, Give Me My FREE Copy “The Lazy Man’s Way To 100% Commissions”

Like I said before, just to show me you’re committed with your success I’ll ask you to donate $1 for local charities, and then you’ll have 7 long days to implement this and get very fast results.

Look, I’m so confident that anyone can pull this off that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is…

“Let Me Take ALL The Risk Away…”

If I was anything like those gurus I won’t need to offer a guarantee, but you may have some reasonable doubts, so I’m going to let you try my system for 365 days.

Yup, you heard it right, you’ve got 1 full year to check out and implement my step-by-step blueprint at your own pace…

If you implement it right away this easy system will get you results in as little as than 7 days, but I want you to feel that you can start putting into the test whenever you want.

Even if you do nothing during long 6 months, or 9 if you want, you can still make money from this system.

“Lenin… What’s The catch?”

Ok… I’m sure you’ve realized there’s no way you can miss out on this one, but like all good things, there is one catch…

As I told you before, fast action takers are the ones who get results with this program.

That’s why I’ll only sell 8 FREE trial copies of this easy cash-generating system.

I want to make sure you get the help you deserve.

And because I know it may be hard to make a decision now, I’ve added a couple of highly valuable bonuses so you act fast.

But those bonuses will be taken away very soon. This promo is part of a marketing campaign that will be available for this week only.

The clock is ticking…

Lenin, Give Me My FREE Trial Now!

“At Last! A System That Really Works…”

“Make Money In No Time…”

Angela Clark, USA


I came across Lenin’s System and I’m so glad that I did! The process that he lays out is very simple to follow and will have you making money in no time. 

The best part is that you don’t need a ton of startup cash for this System.

Great work Lenin!”


“It’s Really A Steal!”

Sean Romero, USA

Using this system it will leverage your time for maximum monetization and minimum effort.

There is an incredible interview with Igor Kheifets where he reveals some gold nuggets every internet marketer should know. Plus other unannounced bonuses.

Lenin over delivers with this System. I would pick this up… it is really a steal.

Well done, Lenin.

“Definitely Any Marketer Would Kill To Get This Top Notch Information!”

Eva Zaher, USA 

I was stunned with Lenin Govea’s System… What I particularly loved was the simplicity and clarity Lenin gets through each step of the process. 

He really digs into the nitty gritty revealing everything you’ll need to make money online. 

Definitely any marketer who have never made any money online, and even experienced marketers, would kill to get this top notch information. 

Thank you, Lenin.

“Lenin has made a terrible mistake…”

Ivan Rendulic, Croatia

“Lenin, I’ve been online for couple of years now and I mostly purchase every product that intrigues me. I must say that your letter really urged me to buy this one.

But, after checking it out I just had to send you an email, because there is no way that anyone can get this kind of information for such a low price.  Are you sure the price is OK?

Man, if that so, take my word and raise the price NOW because it is worth a hell lot more.


 ”Again, This Is Exactly What You’re Getting?”

  • Yes, Lenin I understand I’m getting my personal copy of the “The Lazy Man’s Way To 100% Commissions!” ($547 Value)
  • Yes, I know I’m getting a one-on-one strategy session with Lenin ($499 Value)
  • Yes! I know you’re including the “Uncensored Interview with Igor”. ($197 Value)
  • Yes, I know I’ll get this complete blueprint for FREE if I take action now (100% OFF)
  • Yes, I’m aware I’m not running any risk because my purchase is backed up with your 365-Days-Money-Back guarantee to check the product at my own leisure. (100% Risk FREE)

Donate $1 for local charities and show me you’re serious about making money online.

“Is This System A Good Fit For Me, Lenin?”

Of course!

As you read above, regular people are getting results with this system, and they’re not better than you…

They’re just the ones who decided to take fast action the moment they were presented with this opportunity, and that’s why they are enjoying their lives to the fullest now.

But I understand that some people may be afraid to put this system to the test, and that’s why I’m giving it to you for FREE so you get results first and pay me with the money you make.

On top of that, I have my rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee in place, in the unthinkable event you need it.

Look, if you do even half as well as the rest of the people that have gone through this program you’re going to be VERY, VERY impressed…

The only problem you’ll have is we didn’t met six month ago and got you started then.

Ok, Lenin, I’ll Give This A Shot

“You’re Still On Time To Get The Life You Deserve”

Your family will be thrilled with all this new income and the free time you’re going to spend together when you start making money…

Take it from me and my case studies, the only real way to make money online is having a time-tested system and someone who’s been there already to take you by the hand.

And right now it may be in front of you

I want to see you succeeding, you deserve it.

Now, it’s time for you to take action…

Your brand new “Lazy Man’s Way to 100% Commissions” is waiting for you on the other side.

It’s changed my life… I believe it could change yours too.

And what’s the risk here…?


You don’t pay me unless you get results.

Also, you’re protected by my 100% money-back guarantee.

So go ahead.

Don’t wait…

Click here to get started today!

To your Success,

PS. I’m sure that at this point you understand the tremendous value of this offer.

You don’t need any kind of skills, just follow very simple instructions and you’re good to go.

Today you’re getting the “Lazy Man’s” system, two never-before-seen bonuses, and my Rock Solid 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I’ll personally help you to set up the system during our call, and together we’ll create a customized plan of action for you…

And you can try this for free (I’ll only ask you to donate $1 for local charities so you show me you really want to do this).

Let me say this again: You can only win here! 

But remember there are only 8 more FREE trial left… Take action now, before someone else takes your spot.

 Lenin, I’ll Give This A Shot… I Don’t Have Anything To Lose Here, Only Win!

PPS. Seriously… Do you still want to keep working at your day job, playing IM in your free time…?

Struggling to make ends meet…?

Don’t let that little procrastinator in your head prevent you from living the happy life you and your family are always dreaming of!

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