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“Hey Lenin, I’m so glad I purchased your 200 click Solo Ad. You delivered Super Fast and the results were Beyond Exceptional! Thanks for the great solo! Will be ordering again soon… ”
Devon Brown
“Ordered a 100 click solo from Lenin and have just got the results back. He not only delivered them amazingly FAST he also over delivered! His list is nothing but quality and was a pleasure to deal with. Will be ordering my next solo ad from him very soon…”
Lewis Turner - www.FirstStopIM.com


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Important considerations:

    • I deliver english speaking visitors to your offer(s). More than 70% come from US, UK, CAN, AU. The rest are located all over the world.

  • I continuously refresh my list  from Buyer’s Solo Ads, and Ad Swapping with High Ranked Marketers… It means that, depending on your offer, it’s more likely that my list buys your product compared to other lists.
  • I guarantee the purchased amount of clicks within 72 hours of sending.
  • Normally all the clicks are delivered within 36 hours or less.
  • All the prices below are for unique clicks, that mean that these clicks are from different (unique) visitors.
  • Your link will be sent to my list, the traffic will come from people on my list.
  • I’ll write an email directed to your offer only.
  • Because of my list structure, you can run more than one solo ad, and rest assured your ad won’t be viewed by the same people, just book them spaced with at least two weeks from each other
  • I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel. And it is up to you to know how well your squeeze page converts.


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Please, contact me first before you buy

The “High Roller” Package


1000 clicks


“Expert” Package

500 clicks


“Veteran” Package


300 clicks


“Testing The Waters” Package


100 clicks

Before you order, please contact me (lenin.govea[at]gmail.com) 

To your list building success,

Lenin (& Ainhoa)


* The Only thing I can guarantee is the number of clicks purchased will be delivered to your website URL.

 I don’t accept refunds… If you are not sure to order, please don’t do it